iThink is a young, high-energy team that inspires students to think bigger with their lives and deeper with their choices.

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We believe that though our students comprise only a fraction of the total population, they are 100% of our future.

We’ve all endured lame school assemblies right? When I was in Jr High or High School, it was the retired guy who spoke to the student body, or the ultra energetic, “repeat everything after me” person. They have great intentions, but the students can’t connect with them. They need to hear from someone, or a group of someones close to their own age with methods they relate to. We may be a bit biased, but iTHINK is one of the best school assembly programs in the country. We travel with 10-15 interns that are just out of High School.

As a team, we creatively encourage students to think “bigger”, and to think “deeper” with their lives. We explain that they will never be perfect, but they can be remarkable if they choose to be. We bring all of our own audio and video equipment and utilize dance, stomp, drama, music, video, student interaction, personal stories, video and life-changing illustrations to engage students in an experience that will impact their lives forever. We’ve seen tremendous success over the years as we’ve connected with hundreds of thousands of students across the country.

"I've worked with iTHINK for the past 7 years and have been amazed by their creative and exciting School Assemblies that encourage students to think bigger for both life and academic goals. They give kids lifelong tools to make good choices."

− Petria Reis, ASB Advisor Diamond Bar High School - LA County, CA

"Your presentation was relevant, motivational, and current (music, games, etc…) so it captured the attention of just about every student and teacher in the building – it takes a special presenter to pull that off!"

− Andy Burnett, Educator at Brawley High School - Imperial Valley, CA

"The pacing and uniqueness was perfect for middle school students, and the result was remarkable."

− Sean Wells, ASB Advisor at Thurgood Marshall Middle School - San Diego, CA
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Our Programs

iTHINK will tailor our assembly to meet the needs of your school!

Goal Setting

Bullying, Cyber Bullying

Career Days

Self Esteem

Red Ribbon Week

Assemblies to motivate for testing

Anti-Drug, Gang & Alcohol

Leadership Training

Home Coming

“At Risk” Assemblies

Teacher’s Seminars

Leadership Retreats

Our Team

Chad Furlong

Founder & President

When Chad Furlong was 16, he was a student at Alameda High School in Northern California. As all students are required to do, he sat through several school assemblies. Passion increased for developing a relevent assembly that would significantly impact on those attending. At eighteen, Chad interned for two years at a school assembly organization learning all he could. He then launched iTHINKBIG.ORG and has spoken to over 2 million students with 20+ years of experience. He is passionate about seeing young adults reach their full potential and developing iTHINK interns in the areas of their passions. Chad was married to his beautiful wife Nicole in 1996 and has two daughters, Miracle and Nataly. They reside in San Diego, CA.

Mercedes Baumann

Communicator & Administrator

If you are contacting iTHINKBIG.ORG, most likely you’ll be hearing from Mercedes Baumann first. Growing up in the Bay Area of Northern California, Mercedes is a passionate communicator and administrator for our non-profit organization. She is a sweetheart, but don’t let that fool you! She is also fierce when it comes to believing in young adults and spending her immediate future for their best interest. We are honored to have her be a part of our team, and hope for years and years more to come! New to the iTHINK Staff in 2014, Mercedes resides in San Diego, Ca.

Jaim Connor


A Montana native, Jaim Conner moved to San Diego to intern with iTHINKBIG.ORG in 2011. Deeply passionate about taking a stand for young adults across the nation, he began his internship to make a difference. Born with Russell Silver Syndrome, his personal journey was marked by bullying, minimalizing, and low expectations. Now a full-time communicator for iTHINBIG.ORG, Jaim is a highly sought after communicator across the nation speaking to approximately 150,000 students each year. Currently completing his book “Small”, he resides in San Diego, Ca.

Joshua Randle

Creative Director & Communicator

A former intern, we’re excited to have this guy back! He’s be a big part of helping develop fresh content each year, new sets and creative elements. An amazing musician (, Joshua is a best friends with Jaim, loves ice cream, and long walks on the beach.

Karesse “K” Atibagos

Donor Liaison & DFAL Coordinator & Communicator

A former intern of iTHINKBIG.ORG and recent graduate from BGSU, K is a welcome addition to our team! She is focused to take good care of our donors and business sponsors while also running Dinner for a Life, our annual fundraiser. A passionate communicator, K also loves to work out and is about to marry her sweetheart Josiah. Welcome to the team!

iThink Team

iTHINKBIG.ORG is comprised of a team of interns who volunteer for a nine-month period. Much like UNICEF, or the Peace Corps, our interns join to make a difference in the world. We believe that our best efforts should be directed toward the young, investing into an emerging generation of leaders and contributing citizens. When you book iTHINKBIG, you bring in a team of young adults ready to ignite the passion already inside your students. Help us “Inspire the Young”!


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